What an amazing time we had at our European Regional in Madrid! Click Here to see a video recap of this event and feel free to share your story and pictures with us on XANGO EU Facebook Page

One of the announcements we made in Madrid was to extend the New 1K Bonus through the end of April. To recap, any distributor who becomes a 1K for the first time from January through April 30, 2017 will earn 100 Euros in addition to the already advantageous XANGO Compensation! Becoming a 1K should be the first goal of any new distributor, and this bonus is our way of saying thank you for achieving this first step.

This promotion only runs through April 30, 2017 and it’s only available to European distributors who have never achieved the rank of 1K before. Bonus will be applied in the month following qualification either with the Unilevel payment or through a separate transfer.

Let’s make 2017 the year of new beginnings. Spread the news, grow your teams, and let’s take our XANGO business to new heights.

Your XANGO Team!